Gorilla Ent.

Coming to a screen near you.

Gorilla Ent.

Coming to a screen near you.

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It’s a jungle out there.

In 2020/21, the world’s Film & TV industry experienced unprecedented growth.

Amidst the global pandemic, audience demand for streaming services surged, production spending grew, and Film/TV budgets reached all-time highs.

At the same time the global pandemic upended the film industry, halting production and closing cinemas. This is accelerating the ongoing transformation in movie production, distribution and consumption. The industry’s growth isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon and with the recent slew of media mergers, even more change is on the horizon.

An Experienced Group .

Gorilla Group Entertainment Pty Limited (GE) is an Australian diversified multinational entertainment and media group headquartered on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Founded by Industry Icon actors, directors, script writers and stunt performers, Steve Morris, John Walton, Leon Stripp and Connor Barton, in coordination with associate partners and founding investors.

The company established itself to be a distributor and leader in the Australian screen industry and is diversifying into animation, television, streaming, video games and music. The company is focused in growing its production division, Gorilla Entertainment (in collaboration with The Gorilla Studio) which includes co-founder companies, Watch Your Back Films, Crem, Cascadeur, Morrstunts, The Stunt Farm and Mosaic Films. Gorilla (GE) is also undertaking to grow with associated partnerships, its operations in publishing, merchandising, music, theatre, and animation. GE associated Logistics and distribution partners MAW Freedom and Cascadeur Enterprises will focus to expand and facilitate its coordinated support for Actors, Stunt performers and Writers with Agency, Management and Career development.

Structure & Governance

Gorilla Entertainment

Operates as the group’s central administration for project coordination and project management. Logistics, HR, payroll, accounting, agreements, compliance, legal, budgets implemented with Advisory Board overseeing expertise and promoting Australian Films and Entertainment projects particularly in the film market and growing streaming series market. GPG will invite Entertainment and Media personnel to be a member of its unique Gorilla Career support membership card.

Gorilla Studios

An Australian first for a building that will utilise world patent building technologies. A property committee is in its due diligence stage for a 3 acre under roof facility plus outside acreage land usage on the Gold Coast Queensland. This Gorilla Studio complex will assist Gorilla Career Support Members with facilities for films, music, plays, videos, commercials and equipment and technology support.

Gorilla Investments

GI is taking a guerilla (pardon the pun) approach to the Australian and International film industry funding. Creating a fintech model that will allow for faster movement of quality projects. Combining a mixture of Crowd Funding, private equity investment, family offices, crypto, private investment trusts, and public participation via a world first unique entertainment investment card. Investment dollars will be utilised to fund Gorilla Studio Projects in coordination with Gorilla Entertainment.

The GI card will link the everyday participating Australian public member to a unique profit sharing, royalty opportunity, as well as linking to many benefits in a VIP nature to include invitations to red carpet events, on set experiences, studio participation, background artist, personalised star meetings, news club and discounts on industry marketing goods and services.

Every troop has structure.

Gorilla Group Entertainment Pty Limited (GE) is the holding company for its 3 key corporate entities, working in synergy to develop, create and fund successful entertainment projects. Acting as a central nucleus body for facilitating an environment for interdependent film makers, producers, directors, actors and writers to rollout successful projects in Australia funded by its own unique fiscal and capital initiatives.