This Corporate Profile sets out the philosophies, ambitions, and potential of our young, dynamic company.

We believe the Australian Entertainment and Media Industry and market is growing exponentially; great locations, experienced talent, experienced crew, investor interest, innovation, training, and technology are just a few of the reasons our Australian industry can claim we are going to boom in the coming years.

The Gorilla Group intends to capitalise on these positives with a collective highly skilled troop of Executives, Performers, and Industry professionals. These highly skilled individuals jointly bring together over 30 years of experience providing rock solid foundations to ensure long term pro-active product development, delivery, and sustainable project success.

I would like to thank our co-founders, directors, initial shareholders, advisory board members, our Indigenous and alliance partners who have invested in and supported our vision over the last 12- 18 months.

We are roaring with excitement about the journey that is unfolding before us. Our corporate movie has a great script, and we look forward to sharing it with you as it plays out.

Best of regards

John Walton

Gorilla Co-Founder, Director, Writer, Producer, Actor and Stunt Coordinator

A brand with strength

Gorillas are exceptionally large and powerful primates and operate as a troop in the best ways possible for generational success. Although portrayed in film as savage beasts, gorillas are gentle giants and display many human-like behaviors and emotions, such as laughter, kindness and sadness.

Associate & Investment Partners

Corporate consortium of companies spanning markets in Tourism, Indigenous, Property, Technology, Media, Investment and Education markets.

Company locations and offices from Cairns & Torres Strait Islands, Central Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra.

Tropman Holdings has been well positioned to continue its diversification in market segments that align closely. Two primary sectors of our expertise base; tourism and hospitality management, entertainment and event venue management, have now been prioritised for ongoing development.

Over 20 years providing business software applications, Information Technology and Communication services to the FMCG retail industry. Sytep has proven, scalable technologies for single store operators, multi-site owners and management groups alike.